A star face that is going to be Bollywood’s next big thing .

Manisha Jain is bollywood actress and model. Hailing from Bikaner, she belongs to a world class business family . She shoots with Faarbe stylish concept.

Having done number of TV commercials, as films , video album, short film(via com), horror movie sharp , she has also showcased her talent and beauty in a film which is to be released by Darber production with Ashutosh Rana. Manisha is expected a challenging and inspiring role with a top soon in Bollywood.
She is famously known as philanthropist and is often seen as chief guest in various charity shows .

Manisha Jain is undoubtedly the internet’s darling who melts everyone’s heart. There is nothing we don’t know about her . Whether it’s her acting skills or her stylish sartorial choices , Manisha is one the coolest and loving upcoming stars.
Apart from her jaw drop gorgeous looks, Manisha is a fashionista and there are no two ways about it. We often find ourselves stalking her social media handles for some inspiration.

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